Best Cupcakes In NJ aside from my own lol

I've been to alot of cupcake places in NJ and and theres only one that i truely think is amazing.
That's Sweet Ave Bake shop in rutherford .
Now i'm not a vegan and most vegan cupcakes to be blunt taste disgusting to me but these are so good if you never told me i would't know the difference.
They have a plethora of flavors and all the ones ive tried are fantastic my favorite is the snowball its a coconut one i love coconut.
I've been to alot of cupcake places rave about to sadly be let down for instance Mr.Cupcakes their cupcakes are blah and they decorate them like a 5 year old made them lol but aside from my own cupcakes i would say these are the best in Nj

Sweet Ave Bake Shop (click for link)


  1. Wow this is great! They ship nation wide so I can try them! I had the best cupcake I have ever had last night at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, was scrumptuous! Kori xoxo

  2. I'd love to meet you honey! Just let me know when and where! Kori xoxo

  3. as soon as i know the defintate date ill let you know!


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