Happy Blog award

I got this lovely award for my blog from the sweet Laurie Anne thank you!
I am to list ten things that make me happy this will be kinda hard lol.
(this is not in order of importance)
1. My business i finally feel like I'm doing something worth while and that i love in my life.
2. It's cliche but my boyfriend we may fight sometimes but at the end of the day he always makes me feel loved and happy.
3. My followers i know ive said this before but it makes me so happy you enjoy reading my blog and i love reading all your comments.
4. Music it's the one thing that makes me happy always i can't help but cheer up when i throw on some Mr. Jones by the counting crows.
5. London i miss being there everyday i was happy everyday i was there its an amazing place.
6.Mountains theres nothing better than my little road trips up to ny state and pa and seeing the scenery and smelling the fresh air.
7. The fall its my favorite season
8.Cupcakes although i don't eat very many of them i love decorating them and looking through all the beautiful pics of them online.
9.Mail i lovee getting mail i love opening up the mail box and having boxes and envelopes addressed to me.
10. My parents I've had my ups and downs with both of them but at the end of the day they always try and help me as much as they can.
I pass this award onto 10 blogs that make me happy:
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  1. Very nice list. This is lheureuxart from Swap-Bot Follow My Blog.

  2. Congrats!

    Also, got my cupcake pan today! Thank you so, so much... now I can bake cuppy-cakes to my heart's content! :)

  3. Congrats on the award dear!! Thanks for the blog comment :)


  4. awwwwww! thanks so much for the award! you are so sweet! =)


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