My new obssesion Fascinators

So Ive always loved vintage hats of all kinds and although i can't pull off a wearing a baseball cap (i look ridiculous) i for some reason can pull off alot of great vintage hats.

My favorite type is the little fascinator hat I decided to dedicate this month to these hats don't worry not every post will be about hats but ill be doing reviews and features of shops that sell them and at the end of the month a giveaway for all of you!

If you or anyone you know sells them and wants to be reviewed and featured leave me a comment with the link to the shop and your email and I'll email you back about it.


  1. lovely blog as always and please feel free to feature any photo of one of my cocktail hats, if you'd like to xx

  2. Gorgeous headpiece! I love vintage hats and headbands as well! Have a great weekend XOXO

  3. *gasp* this is gorgeous. And the colors together look so glamorous and pretty.
    Make more. o_____o

  4. Hi im from swapbot

    I hosted the swap and you are one of my partners :) i look forward to reading more or your posts.

    have fun

  5. Hey this is awhimofmine from swapbot.

    This is the cutest blog ever and I'm glad to be following you!

  6. Hi there!!! I'm solsuny from swap-bot, from the Be my blog follower on Blogger swap :)
    My best wishes for the new year!
    i love your blog!! i'm so glad to know, i'll be reading you :)

  7. I look weird in hats...even in head bands, but maybe I'd look good in a little one like this! hmm... :)
    Have u seen 'Autumn in New York'?! Winona Ryder is a hat designer in it, and she has some cute and querky ones on all thru it...but it's kind of a sad movie, so don't watch it on a day ur in a bad mood! :)

  8. This is krsatwrdtravels on Swap-Bot. I found you via the blog follower swap and I'm so glad I did. LOVE. I have been obsessed with these for about 2 years. I'm planning my wedding around the one I want to wear :)


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