New Truffle Flavors!!

I added some new flavors to my truffle listing and also made it a pick your own listing so you can choose which truffles you want.
Here are the new flavors!
*Strawberry cake with milk chocolate
*Cherry Cake with white chocolate
*Mint chocolate cake with white or milk chocolate
*Raspberry cake with dark chocolate
*Blackberry cake with white chocolate or milk chocolate
*Chocolate chip cake with milk or dark chocolate
*Peanut Butter cream with milk chocolate
Click here to order them
you can also still pick a flavor i don't offer just mention it in the note to seller and mention you follow my blog and get a free gift!

The heart shaped boxes i was going to order got sold out so i picked up these instead.


  1. Ooh, the raspberry sounds lovely, and the mint too! It must be fun coming up with new flavours!

  2. Ooo! Strawberry. Ooo! Mint. Ooo! Raspberry.

    That's what my brain did I as I read the list, then it sort of went into yummyness overload.


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