A note to my gift basket winners and other followers please read

I normally don't talk about my problems on here i don't really like to i wanna keep my blog on a happy note but in the past few weeks that ive taken off to relax and work on new projects i haven't had much time to relax I've been absolutely miserable and stressed about alot of things and top of this i just ran into a finical block and I'm struggling to get by . I just found out one of my friends is sick and this week i have to get her something to cheer her up and bring to her when we go see her in the hospital. Then i come home today and read my email telling me a customer filed a chargeback with the credit company to my paypal account on a 2 part order she got her first order and said she never got the second one i still don't know what happened to it but i spent 3 days working on that order and now i have that on my plate as well.
So bear with me if I'm suppose to ship anything to you everything will be shipped out Jan 28th when i get my check for an upcoming wedding order.

Now to the gift basket winners Thank you again for the last item for the basket got shipped to the wrong address so it just finally got me so I have all the baskets put together so Jan 28th they will be shipped priority to all of you . Also i used a separate paypal account and it got hacked into and they changed all my info when i tried to fix it and change the password paypal told me since the info was changed and i couldn't confirm the new info i couldn't change my password so i got emails saying the money for the raffle tickets were sent back to anybody that bought them . All the money i spent on the packages for wishupon a hero was out of pocket and i was going to use it to reimburse for it but oh well i still got the packages so that's all that really matters . I got messages that made my heart melt from the people i sent them to. I just wanna say an extra thank you to anybody that entered . You can check your paypal the money will probably be in there.
ps i Hate paypal lol

When Monday comes ill be back to my normal happy post i just wanted to let you guys know what was going on .


  1. Paypal is evil.
    Sending good thoughts your way.

  2. im so sorry you are going through all of this! thinking about u!

  3. extra hugs for you! Monday is coming- a fresh start.


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