The Perfect Pedestal Review

I got the pleasure to work with in offering you guys the cupcake pan giveaway but i also got something in the mail to review i even got to pick.

I'm always looking for cake/cupcake pedestals to display my cupcakes and this ones perfect its very simple not overly decorated which i like it has that simple elegance feel and i can dress it up for different holidays or events so its versatile and its super sturdy. I had bought round ones before that i thought i got a deal on but the base cracked off and split in two after a few uses.

I would recommend this to anyone esp those who throw alot of parties or events you can even use this for little appetizers if you want.

Here is the site photo

And here's my photo i made special cupcakes just to use in the pictures lol

Thank you so much for this opportunity !


  1. I love it! I collect cake stands, and this one is boss! :)
    Did u only make 4 cupcakes or are these the only ones camera ready?

    Should we put up our advice posts tomorrow(sat)? :)
    I kind of want to make mine a video...I dunno tho-we'll see what my hair looks like in the morning.

  2. Wow. Your cupcakes are PERFECT! Very nice!


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