Pre- Order Sale!!

Valentines day will be coming up next month it may seem far away now but it will sneak up on you lol. I'm offering all my blog followers a special for pre ordering their treats.

My shop will open back up in 2 weeks and all the valentines pictures and treats will be up for that week only all my followers will get 15% off your entire order and anyone who places an order before my shop opens will get 20% off their entire order.

Leave a comment with your email if you wanna pre order before the shop opens ,and if you wanna get 15% off send me a message on etsy the week my shop opens and ill adjust the price for you.

I'm taking custom orders so if you have something special for your sweetie you wanna order I'll be happy to create something for you.

Here are 2 new items that will be in the shop!


  1. Gorgeous cookies!!! They are absolutely beautiful. Is it royal icing with color-flow?

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  2. YAY! Valentine's Day!! I actually DO have a question about some cookies! A friend of mine is having me do cupcakes for her little girl's Princess themed b-day that is around the 4th of feb, and I was gonna go over ideas with her in the next couple of days and I wanted to throw out the idea of ordering some princess cookies from u too. I'm not sure if she'll want cookies, but I think it would be kewl. For like 20, how much do u think it would be? ANd what types of princess designs could we do? Just some ideas off the top of my head are-Glass slippers, crowns, castles...that's all I can think of...
    Let me know a ball park if u can!! Hugs!! :)

  3. hooray! can't wait to see the shop re-open!

  4. oh my God!
    YUMMY! and beautiful:)
    Hi girl, how are you? hope everything's ok.

  5. those look wonderful! Cant wait to see pictures of all the other stuff too :)

  6. Yuuuuummmm....
    I have left you a little something on my blog xx

  7. Mmmm these look amazing. So rich!


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