Shops Back Open New Treats and special deal

I reopened my shop last week and i have tons of new treats up esp for valentines day and theres more to come!

I also have a special deal for you I will make you any flavor truffle you want be as imaginative as possible for $12 a dozen and only$5 shipping all over the USA if your interested in this deal leave a comment with your flavor and email address and ill set up a custom listing for you. I also got special molds for the truffles so each will be the same size and perfect looking.

I ordered these special boxes for all valentines day orders of truffles so your truffle order will come in one of these!


  1. Those cupcakes at top look DELICIOUS. I feel much more excited for Valentine's Day!

  2. Your Love Cupcakes look AMAZING! When I think about Valentines Day I think about baking sweets and this is what I imagine but can never do. Yumm!


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