Feeling a little Green

So tonight I can't sleep I'm feeling a little sad so i decided to do a post on a little early green to cheer me up!
Okay so I'm not in the least bit Irish although since I'm pale some people may have thought so once or twice but I've been adoring some Irish things lately lol.
Last year i made the platter below for a St Patrick's day party cute and simple .

This year i stepped it up a notch for a special order i was working on this week i left my camera at my studio so I'll have to post pics of the beautiful shamrock cookies i made this week Monday when i get my camera back. They will be in my shop next week for early St Patrick's day orders lol.

I also saw the cutest St Patrick's day shirt at target they had a few of them from $6-10 this one was my favorite lol

I'm thinking about taking a trip to Ireland when it gets warmer out maybe in the spring/summer i think i need to start liking beer a little more first. Check back in Monday for pics of the new cookies and ill probably be working on some matching truffles and cupcakes this year since i seem to be in the mood for Irish these days i don't know why ... lol


  1. looking at your blog always makes me hungry XD

  2. dose your blog have callories? love it!

  3. I've never been to Ireland but I'd love to go! Those chocolates look amazing o.o

  4. i know why???? kiss me im Irish!!!

  5. Your selections take celebrating St. Patrick's day to a new level -- you can ALMOST taste them, YUM-MY!!!


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