Help me pick a theme for this summers blog meetup

I've mentioned before that i was thinking of hosting a blogger meetup this summer as of now its officially on !
This summer maybe spring so it's not to hot out ill be hosting a blogger meetup party for anyone in the tri state area or anyone who wants to travel to NJ lol.
I love themes and i would like to put together a spectacular event so id love to hear your ideas for a fun theme for this . One idea i had was a candy land of sorts have a candy and cupcake buffet. I found some great images online one is from the Amy Atlas events blog and company(that's the first picture).

But id love to hear your ideas and if your interested in attending leave me a comment so i know when to inform you of the date.


  1. Sounds fun! I'm from up there, but sadly am all the way down in Texas.

    Mmm, Candyland.

  2. Hi!

    Just wanted to stop by to say "Hi" & let you know I found your blog. Thanks for the note on Etsy. Super Cute blog...can't wait to start following! Wish I lived closer to in Southern California the blogger meet up would be a huge hop, skip & a jump for me ; )

  3. Hey love!
    I haven't let u know about my post office craziness! They "lost" your package-sent-ya know-a while ago, and we're supposed to reimburse me, but I got a call and they said it was in MINNESOTA!! WTF?! But-They're supposed to send it here, and then I can send it to you via them(free of charge, but I dunno if I trust them...), or I can get it and I may send it Fed Ex or somethin...I'm glad they found it tho, cuz I for sure want you to have what I originally made for you! :) So-YAY!
    And- I gotta put up my advice post! I've been working 16 hour days the past couple weeks, and didn't get to work on it till today and finish-it should have been up like a week ago, right?! Anywho-I hope u still want to collaborate with me on em-I won't be working those hours after tomorrow. So-If u still wanna do our advice post, what day should we rock that?!
    HUgs and love!

  4. Oh!! Forgot! You need to get apothecary jars to put candy in! I saw a wedding at this place last week that had huge apothecary jars of all kinds of pink candy. It was AWESOME! :)


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