Little Oven Macarons

I had the privilege to sample some macarons from Little Oven last week i was so excited when they arrived i couldn't wait to try them. They came in a cute little box and individually wrapped with stickers on each one telling you the flavor which was great so i knew what i was trying lol.

I tried the dark chocolate first very moist and rich i would recommend milk with them lol then the caramel which were my favorite. Then raspberry which was also delightful i left the more exotic flavors (green tea,black currant,and passion fruit)for my mom to try I'm very plain with my flavors lol . She loved them esp the black currant .

They are a New York City based online seller they also make cakes are tarts which look delicious. They also offer macaron favors which i personally want for my wedding one day .Everything is fresh and made from scratch and you can taste it in their treats.

You can find them on their main website and also on etsy


  1. They look so yummy!

  2. Those look delicious! I'm visiting from Mama Buzz's giveaway that you are sponsoring :)

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they look good.

  4. :) I got my Valentine!!!!!! My mail goes to my parents' still lol so I'm always days behind on mail! One day I'll go up and have it sent to my house! THank you thank you!!! Very sweet of you!

    ps I've NEVER had a macaron before!! They look sooo tasty!

  5. Little Oven is the greatest. I recommend their Rose ones, only available in summer, and Salted Pear, available in the fall. Rose sounds odd but it is so light, delicate and just perfect.

  6. Thanks so much for this lovely mention! Your blog is beautiful. We have a lot of new flavors on our website. And please follow us on Twitter @littleovennyc! Thanks!
    -Little Oven


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