Marvelous Melange Sucre Macarons

Macarons Macarons Macarons!!! I've been so lucky recently to sample some great ones and i recently got a chance to try Melange Sucre's macarons.
I was so excited when they came there was just a snow storm so fed ex delayed the shipping on them not the shops fault its just funny because when i say fed ex is behind my house i mean its on the other side of the fence lol. I was so excited to get them i wanted to tell fed ex to toss them over the fence . They arrived the next day still fresh they pack with the insulated boxes and cold packs. The box them come in alone is enough to marvel me I'm a sucker for creative packaging.

Lets get down to business Taste I have to say these are the best I've tried in the US yet.
They use high quality ingredients and the authentic macaron making techniques and you can tell when you taste these. I tried all the flavors Chocolate, Raspberry, Pistachio, Pecan Caramel, Cinnamon and Coffee. My favorite by far were the Pecan Caramel omg these were amazing i wanna go order a whole box of just them they had just enough filling and a smooth and buttery flavor. My other favs were the chocolate and the cinnamon the chocolate were perfect esp since they don't overload the inside with the chocolate . Overall all of the flavors were fantastic and they were light just like they are suppose to be so they are the perfect little treat for yourself. They are an online business in San Diego so you can order them anywhere in the us.
They also sell chocolate rounds for making chocolate and a delicious looking Mexican hot coco.
Click here to go to their website and check them out .


  1. Mini Flavor Explosions!! Perfect excecution and balance. Sweet, but not too sweet. The crunch, then the air and finally the chewiness! One bad thing though...
    Highly Addictive!!

    Chef Leo J in Ohio


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