Victoria Beckham dress collection

So i may be a little late on finding out about her clothing collection but none the less I'm 100% in love with all of it! Okay i will admit back in the spice girl era posh was always my favorite when all the other girls sported their tacky 90s duds she always managed to look somewhat classy. Now she really is one of my favorites style wise i lover her style and her collection really showcases that style. Tailored fitted beautiful and classic dresses some are a little fun and modern but she still holds up with some classic looks . The long black one is my absolute favorite its going on my In my dreams wish list!


  1. WOW! gorgeous collection! Timeless...

  2. Ooh, those are VERY nice! I love the last one, and the v-neck black dress. Posh was always my favourite too - I was 12-13 when the Spice Girls were huge, so of course we would always teach ourselves the choreography and pretend we were them - and because I have dark hair and my name is also Victoria, I was always Posh.

  3. I love her collection.. so classic and form fitting. Love them!


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