Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What To Wear Wednesday and Giveaway Contest

dinner party

dinner party by thefancylady featuring Carvela shoes

Todays what to wear Wednesday set is called The Fancy Dinner Party this is an outfit i picked out if i was hosting a elegant dinner party at my house.

Now for the contest this will be a quick one Create a set on polyvore of what you would wear to imginary dinner party that I'm throwing lol come back and link me to your set .

The winner will get a sampler of truffles one dozen .

White chocolate Cherry, Dark Chocolate Raspeberry,chocolate cookie dough and Chocolate mint or you can choose to pick a dozen of one flavor .

Contest Ends Friday Night I will announce the winner Saturday Morining and have your truffles shipped Monday Morning. Dont forget to include your email


  1. Mesha from Swap-Bot here ;D
    This is SUCH a great idea !
    I had been dying to create a fancy set :D
    Here's mine :D

    Here's my email, but you know where to find me ;]

    Good luck to everyone who decides to join :D

  2. OH, this was fun!!!!

  3. my set =

    and i recieved my valentines card today, its beautiful, thank you ^^

  4. Hi! I know you from Swap Bot/Harajuku Girls =)

  5. Wow this is really neat! Here is my set:

    I found your site through the giveaway @ mamabzz... Those truffles look amazing! Thanks!

  6. Yay! Here is mine::

    Thanks for the chance!<3

    - Rossi (provadia)
    youmey0u at

  7. Hi! I was so excited when I heard about this contest because I love making outfits on polyvore. :)

    Here's my entry:

    Hope you like it!


  8. What a great idea for a contest!

    My set:

    -Kasey (hourglasslake on swapbot)


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