Burlesque Bedroom

Okay my dream bedroom would be the ultimate burlesque inspired room . I want something that screams sex and glamour and for my bedroom i want dark colors to relax me, here are some of my picks.

I looked for a really glam makeup table but this one was the best i could find but id want it in black.
Big tacky gold mirror i love it its a must

Velvet comforter in purple id put silk sheets under it ya i know I'm terrible.

Chandelier instead of the regular fan/light over head darker lighting

Purple damask wall paper on all the walls the kind with the velvet in it

Red velvet fainting couch perfect!

Ar moire id get this in black

A And the perfect sexy 4 post bed


  1. My mum has a fainting couch just like that but in gold and red velvet, we all love it.

  2. I'm LOVING this bedroom...I'm waaay overdue for a bedroom re-vamp, wonder how hubby would feel about a sexy, burlesquey themed room?? something tells me he wouldn't mind ;)

  3. you wrote 'silk shits' hahahah

  4. can you image really owning all this stuff?! I would move my studio in my bedroom :)

  5. LOVE the damask wallpaper and the velvet comforter... but then I do LOVE purple!!

  6. This is THE SEX!!!! LOVE IT! You have the same style and taste as me!! Except I want a canopy over my bed. And I like deep fuchsia rather than the purple but I like purple too.

  7. where did you find that makeup table? I love it.

  8. where can i purchase the comforter at? that EXACT ONE

  9. the comforter is from http://www.bellahomefashions.com/
    and the makeup table is from pottery barn teen


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