Cookies Cookies Cookies!!! New cookies and free shipping offer

Okay its time for the first of the Easter cookies! and some other ones Ive been making.
Here's the special offer the first comment on here will get 13 assorted Easter cookies for only $20 with free shipping so in total your saving $16 this is us only because of shipping charges(these will be shipped this weekend).
To avoid what happened last time if i don't hear back from the first commenter i will move onto the next comment so all comments leave your email address!
Second offer free us shipping till tomorrow night on all Easter cookie orders just specify in your comment you wanna place an order and leave your email address as well now onto the cookies!

And the non Easter cookies:

Okay i need to mention these stickers i had them custom made from a shop from etsy they are so cute! and she was such a big help i would recommend you go there for your sticker needs.
Click here for the link

Invader Zim Special Birthday Cookie Platter


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