I want a puppy!!!!!

I'm a big animal lover id have a whole zoo if they let me sadly where i live now i can't have any pets boooo to that.

As soon as i get a house one day first thing I'm getting a little black kitten and a puppy!

My top pick is a great Dane I'm a big dog lover sorry little dogs lovers they are not for me lol.

Great Danes are called the big lap dog i just love them !

Then Siberian husky my grandma had one growing up his name was my first word i love those beautiful blue eyes .

Also weimaraner they are a little strange looking cause of their color but i just love them

The last one has a bad rep for being mean but they are big lovers any dog can be good if you train them right . Bull Mastiff

I also love dobermans and rottweilers lol

Okay so what kind of dog is your dream puppy???


  1. Oh Mickey is my lil dream lol I grew up with Maltese and now as an adult I found lil Mick and couldn't ask for a better pup! ;)

  2. a Siberian husky would be great ta ^^

  3. I'm like you...I'd totally have a farm! We have a pit mix we adopted a couple of years ago. His name is Cowboy. He looks like the first black and white puppy you have pictured. We just got a cat a couple of weeks ago. He came walking into the firestation (where my boyfriend works) and stayed for two days til he ended up with us. We named him Whiskey...not only bc he's orange but bc every Cowboy needs his Whiskey...HA!

  4. can i be your puppy

  5. SIberian Husky has always been my dream dog. I actually got a 10 month old Siberian Husky about 3 months ago named Charlie. He's a handful I'm having to break all his bad habits from his previous owners. A few days ago I actually got another dog it's a Siberian Husky and Great Dane mix. She is cute as a button! Her name is Cadie(said Katie). I switched it to a C and spelt it different to fit in with the rest of the family that all starts with C's lol. My bf Chad, me Casey, Charlie, and now Cadie :)

  6. my dream dog has always been a siberian husky... i just luv their eyes especialy when they are different colour!! =]

  7. Siberian. No doubt I'd have a farm too! Just have to wait till I move house.


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