Bake Sale for the Puppies and cookie winnder

Saturday i got a chance to participate in a bake sale at a cuts for pups event my hair dresser was holding at her shop. It was haircuts and a bake sale and the proceeds went to a dog rescue where they save dogs from being destroyed and give them another chance at being adopted. I set up my little table and we hung out all day and played with the dogs i refer to all dogs as puppies lol.

There was one lady who brought her great dane this big beautiful albino girl dog she was such a sweetie and i also played with a sweet siberian husky who was up for adoption his personality was so my speed he was very chilled out and relaxed my kinda dog lol
All the money i made i donated to the rescue it was a really fun day minus the massive sunburn i got on my super pale skin lol
Here are some pics

Also i heard there are a few other of these shelters around the us so if your interested in adopting a dog i can get you the website and info just leave a comment with your email

And last but not least congrats to samy your our cookie winner i already emailed her and will be working on her kawaii cookies later this week.


  1. How adorable! I love canines ^.^ and am quite envious of how awesome those treats look.

    I am so excited that I won!! I cannot wait to see how amazing the cookies will look in person. I think I'm going to be nice though and share the lovely-ness with my mom if they arrive before mothers day :)

  2. Love your blog design and the header is the music.

    Sunday evening blog hopping.....
    Have 2 great giveaways that I am drawing for on late tonight.....
    Hope you will stop by.

  3. :)
    Love the orange/white two tone icing!
    Dogs/cats that need to be adopted make me get all choked up! I almost freaked out the other day when someone said the animals at the SPCA get put down if they don't get adopted soon enough. Jasmine is from the SPCA. I get upset...then I go onto the PETA website and see all the abuse animals videos, and end up crying. I understand that they can't find a place for all of them-since there are SO many of them, but I just can't rectify the euthansaia in my mind. I had a breakdown when my dog had to be put down last year-and he was very old and sick-so, it was the best thing to do for him...but kittens and puppies?! Injured animals?! I just...can't believe that's okay...

    Anywho- :)
    We should do the advice posts on Fridays! It's my only real day off. Dunno if I told u I got another job(I have 2 now-tho the pay is less than most people who have just one job. I love the jobs tho-I get to do something I love, which was my goal. I would have died of depression if I had stayed in the big office i worked at before!
    Here's an advice request I had gotten that we can use for tomorrow if u like it!

    "Anonymous said...

    Is it wrong to read my boyfriend's facebook if I have the password?"

    What should we title the advice posts?

    Wish we lived closer together so we could collaborate on a bakery! :(Did u get my note about putting a link to ur cookies/treats on my "Tart' blog that people can see to pick out what they want me to make? Credit to u fully of course-I just think the "gourmet" and personalized cookies are essential to custom baking offerings! :)


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