Cleaning Closet Designer Bag Sale

So spring cleaning came upon me yesterday and i finally decided to sell some of my designer bags that i never use and before i put them on ebay i wanted to offer you guys a chance to scoop them up first . All my bags are guranteed authentic you can take them to any of the stores and have them checked out i bought them all at the actual stores no shady online retailers lol.

I take paypal so if your interested in purchasing any of these(they will ship the following day after payment) leave a comment with your email address. Ill ship international in the comment leave your location so i can calculate shipping.
Onto the bags !

Classic brown fendi bag medium sized only used a few times perfect condition retails for about $400 but I'm selling it for $150

Small Orange fendi bag i got it for around $200 used twice great condition I'm selling it for $100.

Coach Wristlet it was from a special collection used a few times it retailed for a little over $70 I'm selling it for $30 with free US shipping

Used only once! Coach bag in a pretty mint green I got it for around $150 selling it for $80 it still has the little coach card in the pocket lol

Small gucci bag in lavender i got it at the outlet for $150 so im not sure the retail price but im selling it for $60 only used a few times

Dooney and Bourke Bag medium sized used a few times retails for $145 im selling it for $70

If you want the exact measurments for any of these leave a comment with your email


  1. :) so fancy! Those need good homes!!

    I love your cookie idea!! I could print some tags or something to go with them or buttons? Let me know what you think! It would be very awesome of you!!

  2. Cute bags :D

    I am a big fan of your blog and left an award for you on mine! Check it out here:


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