Cute Kitchen Stuff

I love adorable kitchen stuff im going to end up one day with one of those quirky bright colored kitchens where eveything i own has a design or face on it lol

First set are all from

The next set is from


  1. I love Jessie Steele aprons and couldn't live without mine! This one is gorgeous too, really I want them all!

  2. Aw, they are all very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. :) I think we could share a kitchen! :)
    ...and probably lots of other things-ur style is so me! :) I actually got u something for the kitchen in my "Christmas" gift for you!! Will u get it before the end of the year?! I'm optimistic! I'm doing 2 jobs now, and -tho my direct deposit problem is back logging my cash flow, I'll have some cash(finally!) to get u ur package!! package...I'm not sending u a male "package"...unless u want one! :)

    I want to get our weekly advice posts running again! Stuff fell to the side when I got my double job news. Which day should we do?!-maybe we should post that we're accepting requests for advice so people can let us know what advice they need.
    OH!!! AND- U know-I have a friend at work who I'm doing cupcakes for in a month-ish, and she saw some pics of ur cookies and asked if I offered those. I sent her to ur site. :)Wanted to see if maybe I could put a few of ur cookie/truffles and a link to ur site onto my blog that shows my cupcakes so people could have the option to buy from u too.
    :) U having a good week?!

  4. Now I feel like I need those mushroom shakers -.-

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