Love That Bag

As most women love shoes I'm more of a bag girl i have tons of purses designer and not .
Here are some bags id love to buy if i had a few extra thousands lying around lol.

This bag and the one below are from a London designer Karen Millen i own an amazing bag by her i got in London.

Above Fendi Bag

Above Chloe bag

2 amazing Burberry bags

If your looking for a more affordable bag i got these 2 great purses from Dianes Corner on etsy they are amazingly made and super nice and affordable the plaid ones for me and the other one was my friends Christmas gift you can find her here.

Also ill be selling a few of my designer bags later this week to clean out my closet some were barely used so check back if you wanna get a great deal on some designer bags .


  1. That Fendi bag makes me ~swoon~

  2. I love bag #2 with all my heart!! :)


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