Cake Practice and my new favorite book

So a few weeks ago i pre- ordered simply spectacular cakes by Peggy Porschen and it came right before mothers day i was so excited ive wanted this book for awhile.

I pretty much loved everything inside, It's got amazing cakes,cookies,cupcakes ect.

Well since mothers day was coming up and i needed to practice my cake covering skills with fondant i figured id kill 2 birds with one stone. I took inspiration from her mini cameo cakes and changed the design and color around so heres my version.

I know its not that great but something about smoothing the fondant isn't my friend lol.I couldn't find to many pics from her book but here are 2 beautiful cakes i want the black and white one its perfect !

If your into the pastry arts as i like to call them you should go get this book!


  1. wow super cool Cameo cake! How did you do the cameo? did you swirl the image in icing yourself? amazed!


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