New cookies and coupon code

Hi kittens wanted to show you some cookies ive made lately new items to the shop and some coupon code for you to use in my shop!
New Items for the shop

Cookies ive been doing lately

These are the kawaii cookies i made for the giveaway winner!(above)

Coupon Codes!

$5 off any order of $20 or more or $10 off any order of $60 or more use code :spring cupcake in note to seller and ill refund you through paypal also don't forget you can order any cookies not just ones in my shop and i welcome custom orders just send me a message on etsy or email me.

Coupon expires june 1st 2010


  1. What were the arsenal of guns/grenades cookies for?!
    I LOVE IT!
    I'm gonna do some small cupcakes for a girl soon that will be dark red icing with black roses and skulls. I'm pretty excited about it!

    I'm gonna try to do French Macarons in my parent's new oven tomorrow. I'm gonna record it-could have a huge FAIL on my hands! It took me SIX batches to make them with the last oven...They're so finicky! Makes me SO pissed!! :)

  2. You do beautiful work, I wonder, how do you achieve the beautiful frosting colors you get?

  3. I just showed my boyfriend the gun and knife cookies and he loved it.. lol manly cookies!!

    I preferred the bows :p



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