Whats your idea of romance?

( random cute picture i found online)

I'm not the typical candle lit dinner rose petals kinda bird things like that the typical cheezy things kinda turn me off lol. I like simple things i guess id say i like walks and no not on the beach anywhere fun random adventures just cute little stuff.

So todays questions for my followers whats your idea of the perfect date?

Mine would probably be a carnival i love the games and having a guy trying to win you those impossible prizes and cotton candy its a good time lol

Lets hear what you think..


  1. I'm still a picnic on the beach kinda girl...a little hand holding, allotta smooching :) watching the sun go down, then a romantic stroll or a live show...

  2. I'm a picnic anywhere kind of girl, I love going on walks and adventures in general, the pretty bike trails and playing in the water, and just as good is going to live shows for local bands ^^


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