In the Dark

(Not my picture above found it online)
Okay warning this is a bit of a rant lol
I loveee horror movies but i have a bone to pick with the movies made in the last 2 years or so.
They are all in the DARK!!! You can't ever see what the hell is going on its doesn't make i more scary people its scarier when you can see the blood and gore its just annoying !!
Think back to the movie scream for example there are no parts of that movie in the dark so you can't see . Can we please start making movies using light again!
Has anyone else noticed these and annoyed by it?


  1. I'm right here with you on this one! I am a lover of the scary and a hater of the dark filming.

    Oh, I also know I am the lamest of the swap partner and seriously still have your giftee in my closet. One day it will just show up and make you happy and I won't seem so lame!

  2. check out my blog, you won a giveaway :) yay!


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