Its been awhile ..

Its been awhile since i posted anything I've been kinda out of it and in a funk lately and haven't been in the mood to blog plus i haven't been feeling well lately bad migraines and getting randomly dizzy is no fun.
I feel like i don't know what to do with myself lately now that I can't do the large orders i had been doing i was always soo busy i hate not being busy.
I think after Christmas i will look for a job at a bakery the school I'm looking at requires 6 months working in one to get in. Before i do that i really should take a well deserved vacation i hate the holidays these days so i will really need one after they are over.
Everyone is getting cookies this year for Christmas since I'm trying to save money but I'm going to pack everything up really nice so hopefully nobody will be disappointed.
I used to love the holidays now they just depress me maybe one day when i have my own house and can have my own holiday party's i will find it fun again.
Enough rambling though i started early on designs for Christmas/holiday cookies so i will share.

Off to bed now night kittens...


  1. Those are some sweet looking cookies, I'd be happy to get them. :-)

  2. Beautiful cookies! You are such a talented lady! I am sure everyone who receives your pretty baked goodies will be super happy this Holiday season! Hope you get lots of R&R and feel better soon!

  3. I love your cookies. Oh, gosh, cookies and cupcakes make up my favorite food groups! I suppose they'd be safe for dieters because they are much too pretty to eat. :)~ Since I AM a flake -- I find the snowflakes appealing. Of course, I'm a follower!

  4. I don't know if this post will go through twice but, when I hit "send" the page went all blizzardly. is that a word? :) Anyway, No, no, no. this isn't an entry, I just feel bad that you think your family and friends MAY be disappointed to get cookies for Christmas. OMG, that could NEVER happen! Your wares are works of art -- EDIBLE, delicious works of art. How could ANYONE be upset? Gosh, I bet the "Cookie Monster" is really "darning his genes",because he's not a family member. Feel better, there IS a place that's worthy of you -- be it the school of your dreams and/or a "high end" bakery. I can't see you working ANYWHERE but in your own shop, or a place where cookies go for $20.00 a pop. Seriously.
    A friend of mine is a pastry chef -- she worked under Jacques Torres at one time. Also, when she "entered" the business, she had to work at NY's Le Cirque, for FREE, for six months. It pays off! I guess, everyone pays their dues. Your creations are "to sigh for." Don't be discouraged. Magical things DO happen, especially to those who "believe."


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