My boston trip aka boston bust!

A few weekends ago i went to Boston to check out a culinary school i was so excited i thought i would really love Boston. I woke up at 4 am and drove the 4 hours with my mom which i was awake the whole time not fun! We got there and went to the open house after the tour we went to the power point presentation which i learned they only offered a 9 month certificate class in pastry LAME! $22,000 for a certificate no thank you. So we snuck out early like the bad kids in class we were lol. We then drove into Harvard square to explore i wanted to go to the cupcake place and it looked like a great shopping area online. Well the Internet will fool you the stores are all over the place and the traffic was like being in NYC there were lots of really nice old buildings but not really what i expected from the area . We decided to just to the cupcake place since it was the only place we could find so after 25 min of driving around trying to find parking(ps its one ways everywhere so you can't turn around) we gave up and headed for the hotel . The hotel was 40 min away in some random town we went to some stores around there nothing special.
The next day we went to sturbridge village on the way home it was cute next time ill go inside not just the gift shop lol Anyway now im on the search for another school here .Above are the pictures i took


  1. Why u not lookin in New Jersey/New York?! That woman who owns 'Cake Alchemy' from Bravo-Laurie taught at some school in New York I believe...i freaking love that crazy chick! One of the only Type A punk lovers I've ever seen. Fabulous! :)

  2. Boston looks so non humid in ur pics! I always think of the Casper movie with the leaves changing color in a world that has NO humidity when I think of the north east. U can practically drink the air down here-pisses me off!


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