Cupcake Girls... Rant

Warning! This is a rant so im warning you now lol.
I'm sitting here making fondant snowflakes for Christmas cupcakes and i turn of this show cupcake girls they are in Canada. This show majorly pisses me off ,these 2 girls decided to open up a cupcake shop but they can't bake! WTF "Oh we like cupcakes lets open a shop and hire other people to do it for us" Honestly i find that insane . Also unfair to people who work hard at baking and can't get their own shops. Also they have a wedding cake decorator who doesn't know how to make cakes , I didn't even know that was possible lol. This episode their whole staff quit on them and they have all this work to do and no bakers so they have to do it themselves but they don't know what they are doing lol. If they were actual bakers they could have picked up the slack really easily themselves but no . They are complaining soo much because they had to stay up all night baking do you know how many times i have done that and all my lovely baker friends have done the same on a daily basis its something that comes with the territory. They don't even wake up early to come into the shop the one girl was complaining about getting up at 7 am lol.
Dear WE channel you guys should have a show on a bakery whose owners can actually bake there are so many great cupcake shops out there who would have an amazing show .
This is just my opinion as a baker you don't have to agree with me lol.
End Rant!


  1. I live in the city where they opened up the first one. And their cupcakes and cakes are crap. Tastes like pure nasty sugar.

    It seems anyone can get a show nowadays

  2. I am new to your blog and this rant just made my day! I am glad to know that I am not the only who can be passionate about "certain" things. Thanks for sharing to your new follower.


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