Model controversy lets discuss lol

Todays hot topic Too thin models yes or no?

I was on yahoo news and i read the article on the new winner of Americas next top model. Personally i haven't watched that show in awhile but reading the comments i decided this would be a great topic .Above is a picture of the girl who won yes she is super thin she claims to be naturally that thin alot of people are saying there is no way thats possible. I have a friend Ive know since i was 5 and she has always been scary skinny since that age to now and she eats alot some people are just built that way. Someone commented that its a bad image for teenage girls normally i would say yes if it was say a regular tv show but its a modeling show and lets be honest its pretty rare that normal sized girls become runway models so i don't think its that bad it more realistic. I do agree that most runway models are not pretty , there are some beautiful ones but most i see are pretty strange looking but really skinny. I'm on both sides of the topic i don't wanna see sick girls modeling but i don't think you should talk trash on this girl if she really is naturally skinny . To skinny or to big both sides get hell for it.

Personally i think models should just look like Adriana Lima lol

she has a beautiful face she thin but not bones shes got a butt and has boobs in my eyes shes perfect lol picture of her below

So everyone lets talk what do you think ?say it all!!


  1. I know my husband would definately agree with you about Ms.Lima :) I think she is the ideal woman.
    I have no problem with someone being "naturally" skinny. It's when women in the entertainment industry are told to lose pounds because they are "packing it on" when in reality they are healthier instead of looking like they are starving.
    Back to Adriana Lima...wish I had her exact body :)

  2. Being a "plus sized" woman I would definitely like to see larger women represented in the media as well! Not everyone is a size 2. Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes!

  3. i think Adriana Lima is gorgeous, and i wish i had a body like that XD i am a skinny woman and i think that some people are naturally skinny, but there should me more normal/plus size models, most are size 8 (uk) at most when even i'm a size 10 (uk) and im underweight (not by choice)

  4. If I could swap bodies with anyone it would have to be Beyonce! That is an IDEAL WOMAN!
    The skeletons walking the runway are so not appealing. The show ANTM just shows the world that it's all makeup and lighting - none of those girls are actually attractive.


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