Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last Sale Before Valentines Day

Sale is extended to Monday Night !
This is the last sale before Valentines Day Cookies normally $24 a dozen now just $18 and $5 shipping on the pick your on truffles !
All blog followers get a free gift with purchase just mention in note to seller during checkout.
Also i have a new item called Never Forget a Holiday Package you can order any item for each holiday throughout the year and have them delivered for each holiday this way you will never forget a Birthday Anniversary or any other Holiday its completely custom so you pick each treat for every Holiday
Click here to go to my shop
Also today I'm making cookie dough truffles so you can custom order those as well

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Truffle Flavors!!

I added some new flavors to my truffle listing and also made it a pick your own listing so you can choose which truffles you want.
Here are the new flavors!
*Strawberry cake with milk chocolate
*Cherry Cake with white chocolate
*Mint chocolate cake with white or milk chocolate
*Raspberry cake with dark chocolate
*Blackberry cake with white chocolate or milk chocolate
*Chocolate chip cake with milk or dark chocolate
*Peanut Butter cream with milk chocolate
Click here to order them
you can also still pick a flavor i don't offer just mention it in the note to seller and mention you follow my blog and get a free gift!

The heart shaped boxes i was going to order got sold out so i picked up these instead.

Tell me your birthday there might be a surprise for you!

I decided I'm going to randomly pick a birthday each month and send someone a little gift .
Heres what i need from you send me an email with your birthday and address and each month ill pick someone to get something.
Also Ive been obsessed with sending Valentines Cards this year so if you want one from me send me your address in an email.
Email everything to

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What to wear Wednesday

Concert Festival Gear

Concert Festival Gear by thefancylady featuring Victoria Beckham Denim jeans

So this weeks post is concert Festival Attire my boyfriend likes to go to the weekend long concert festivals so i did a set of what to wear. I included a hookah i love smoking hookah they have such fun flavors i once smoked fruit stripe gum flavored hookah tobacco

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Best Cupcakes In NJ aside from my own lol

I've been to alot of cupcake places in NJ and and theres only one that i truely think is amazing.
That's Sweet Ave Bake shop in rutherford .
Now i'm not a vegan and most vegan cupcakes to be blunt taste disgusting to me but these are so good if you never told me i would't know the difference.
They have a plethora of flavors and all the ones ive tried are fantastic my favorite is the snowball its a coconut one i love coconut.
I've been to alot of cupcake places rave about to sadly be let down for instance Mr.Cupcakes their cupcakes are blah and they decorate them like a 5 year old made them lol but aside from my own cupcakes i would say these are the best in Nj

Sweet Ave Bake Shop (click for link)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Shops Back Open New Treats and special deal

I reopened my shop last week and i have tons of new treats up esp for valentines day and theres more to come!

I also have a special deal for you I will make you any flavor truffle you want be as imaginative as possible for $12 a dozen and only$5 shipping all over the USA if your interested in this deal leave a comment with your flavor and email address and ill set up a custom listing for you. I also got special molds for the truffles so each will be the same size and perfect looking.

I ordered these special boxes for all valentines day orders of truffles so your truffle order will come in one of these!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Music to sleep to

Another song on my sleep playlist i lover her

Valentines Gift Baket Giveaway

Okay so For Valentines Day i wanna offer you guys an extra special gift from me so I'm going to be putting together a gift basket of treats from my shop for a giveaway for all my lovely followers. You'll be getting a basket filled with decorated shortbread cookies ,truffles,and french macarons and there will be other assorted goodies included as well. You also get to pick your truffle flavor as well.
How to enter:
Follow my blog
Leave me a comment telling me what flavor truffle you would want any flavors you want.
Extra Entries:
Become a fan of my Facebook .
Blog about this giveaway 5 extra entries.
Please leave separate comments for each and don't forget to leave your email.
Giveaway Ends Feb 13Th I will announce the winner on Valentines Day Feb 14Th

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Perfect Pedestal Review

I got the pleasure to work with in offering you guys the cupcake pan giveaway but i also got something in the mail to review i even got to pick.

I'm always looking for cake/cupcake pedestals to display my cupcakes and this ones perfect its very simple not overly decorated which i like it has that simple elegance feel and i can dress it up for different holidays or events so its versatile and its super sturdy. I had bought round ones before that i thought i got a deal on but the base cracked off and split in two after a few uses.

I would recommend this to anyone esp those who throw alot of parties or events you can even use this for little appetizers if you want.

Here is the site photo

And here's my photo i made special cupcakes just to use in the pictures lol

Thank you so much for this opportunity !

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vanille Patisserie Macarons!

Yesterdat was one of those exciting mail days i got a box of Macarons from Vanille Patisserie in Chicago . I got them in a swap trade on swap-bot i was so excited to open them up and try some.

There was a whole bunch of flavors and i didn't know which was which so i had to break them open to figure it out. These macarons were defintaly made the right way ive had some really bad ones before the texture and size was just right. The only thing is I'm the worlds pickiest eater so i didn't really like any of the flavors but they are really good .

If your in the area i would advise to stop in and pick up some treats they also sell chocolates and assorted tarts and cakes and you can order online to.

I'm also in the works of finding a shop to do a macaron giveaway for all of you guys here on my blog so stay tuned for that!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What to wear Wednesday: Museum Date

Day at the museum

I'm having alot of fun with my new post what to wear Wednesday this week i put together an outfit for a date to the museum . I wanted something pretty yet comfy those Chanel flats are so cute i wish i has a pair!

Also check your inbox in a few I'm sending over your partners for the valentines day swap today!

Day at the museum by thefancylady featuring Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentines Card Swap and small giveaway

So tonight is the last night to enter this swap i really wanna get some more people to enter and theres a special giveaway for one lucky contestant so check it out

Monday, January 18, 2010

Join Me on Facebook+Free Gift

Hey kittens i finally created a facebook group so come join my group the 100th member will be getting a free gift from my shop.

and feel free to add me as well

Night kittens

Don't Forget!!

There are 2 more days left to enter the Valentines Day Card Swap and then I assign your partners.
Also the valentines day cookies are still available for the special price the person who left the first comment never got back to me so feel free to take advantage and leave a comment with your paypal email.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A note to my gift basket winners and other followers please read

I normally don't talk about my problems on here i don't really like to i wanna keep my blog on a happy note but in the past few weeks that ive taken off to relax and work on new projects i haven't had much time to relax I've been absolutely miserable and stressed about alot of things and top of this i just ran into a finical block and I'm struggling to get by . I just found out one of my friends is sick and this week i have to get her something to cheer her up and bring to her when we go see her in the hospital. Then i come home today and read my email telling me a customer filed a chargeback with the credit company to my paypal account on a 2 part order she got her first order and said she never got the second one i still don't know what happened to it but i spent 3 days working on that order and now i have that on my plate as well.
So bear with me if I'm suppose to ship anything to you everything will be shipped out Jan 28th when i get my check for an upcoming wedding order.

Now to the gift basket winners Thank you again for the last item for the basket got shipped to the wrong address so it just finally got me so I have all the baskets put together so Jan 28th they will be shipped priority to all of you . Also i used a separate paypal account and it got hacked into and they changed all my info when i tried to fix it and change the password paypal told me since the info was changed and i couldn't confirm the new info i couldn't change my password so i got emails saying the money for the raffle tickets were sent back to anybody that bought them . All the money i spent on the packages for wishupon a hero was out of pocket and i was going to use it to reimburse for it but oh well i still got the packages so that's all that really matters . I got messages that made my heart melt from the people i sent them to. I just wanna say an extra thank you to anybody that entered . You can check your paypal the money will probably be in there.
ps i Hate paypal lol

When Monday comes ill be back to my normal happy post i just wanted to let you guys know what was going on .

Friday, January 15, 2010

1st Comment Wins! Cookies

Okay so i just finished my first set of Valentines Day Cookies the first person to leave a comment will get 11 regular sized cookies 1 jumbo and 10 mini cookies for only $18 + ($8 shipping for us).

The next 2 comments get a dozen cookies for $14 plus shipping that saves $10 off the regular price.

I do ship internationally i will adjust the price to where you live.

Leave a comment with your paypal email and the 2nd 2 comments get to pick the colors and shapes they want .

Want to be featured on Cupcakes and corset???

I'm currently looking for new shops to review and do features on if you would like to send me an item to get reviewed and featured on my blog leave a comment with your shop and your contact info. It doesn't have to just be cupcake related anything fashion accsseries ect id love to see your stuff.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anyone good with photoshop will trade for cookies!!

Hey there I need someone to make me a button for my sidebar and I'm bad with photo editing ill trade for cookies or mini cupcakes leave me a comment and let me know if you can help

Happy Blog award

I got this lovely award for my blog from the sweet Laurie Anne thank you!
I am to list ten things that make me happy this will be kinda hard lol.
(this is not in order of importance)
1. My business i finally feel like I'm doing something worth while and that i love in my life.
2. It's cliche but my boyfriend we may fight sometimes but at the end of the day he always makes me feel loved and happy.
3. My followers i know ive said this before but it makes me so happy you enjoy reading my blog and i love reading all your comments.
4. Music it's the one thing that makes me happy always i can't help but cheer up when i throw on some Mr. Jones by the counting crows.
5. London i miss being there everyday i was happy everyday i was there its an amazing place.
6.Mountains theres nothing better than my little road trips up to ny state and pa and seeing the scenery and smelling the fresh air.
7. The fall its my favorite season
8.Cupcakes although i don't eat very many of them i love decorating them and looking through all the beautiful pics of them online.
9.Mail i lovee getting mail i love opening up the mail box and having boxes and envelopes addressed to me.
10. My parents I've had my ups and downs with both of them but at the end of the day they always try and help me as much as they can.
I pass this award onto 10 blogs that make me happy:
Penny Lane
In bugs drawers
Kirei Girl Madrid
Amy Bakes and sews
apparently jesse
frenchie and flea
judy in her natural habitat
sometimes sweet
pinks and needles
leproust vintage

What to wear Wednesday

So now that I'm obsessed with Polyvore i decided I'm going to start doing a regular style post on Wednesdays What to wear Wednesday today I'm featuring a valentines day date night outfit.
Want me to pick your date night out leave a comment with your budget body frame and email and ill create a set you can buy and wear for your valentines day date night.

valentines #2

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pre- Order Sale!!

Valentines day will be coming up next month it may seem far away now but it will sneak up on you lol. I'm offering all my blog followers a special for pre ordering their treats.

My shop will open back up in 2 weeks and all the valentines pictures and treats will be up for that week only all my followers will get 15% off your entire order and anyone who places an order before my shop opens will get 20% off their entire order.

Leave a comment with your email if you wanna pre order before the shop opens ,and if you wanna get 15% off send me a message on etsy the week my shop opens and ill adjust the price for you.

I'm taking custom orders so if you have something special for your sweetie you wanna order I'll be happy to create something for you.

Here are 2 new items that will be in the shop!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cupcake Book Madness

So this Christmas i got 4 new cupcake books!
I still have to take a pic of the last one I'm so excited about trying all my new recipes .
The top one is my favorite my lovely boyfriend got it for me i had never seen that book before so i was really delighted to open it up and see all the pretty cupcakes and delicious recipes inside I'm making one of the recipes next week ill be sure to share .

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My new obssesion Fascinators

So Ive always loved vintage hats of all kinds and although i can't pull off a wearing a baseball cap (i look ridiculous) i for some reason can pull off alot of great vintage hats.

My favorite type is the little fascinator hat I decided to dedicate this month to these hats don't worry not every post will be about hats but ill be doing reviews and features of shops that sell them and at the end of the month a giveaway for all of you!

If you or anyone you know sells them and wants to be reviewed and featured leave me a comment with the link to the shop and your email and I'll email you back about it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our thank you winner is.....

Melissa rock you won I'm sending you and email right now for your address
thanks for everyone who entered stay tuned tomorrow for next weeks giveaway and don't forget to check out my valentines day card swap in my last post

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Valetines Day Card Swap and surprise giveaway

Hey guys valentines day is coming up on us next month and i thought it would fun to do a smaller swap again for my blog .
Remember is grade school when we would all have those boxes on our desks and we would all get cards how fun was that!
This will be a little different but still fun who couldn't use a little valentines day cheer even if your single or have someone.
Here's how it will work your going to send your partner a valentines day card it can be store bought or hand made along with a few other treats some ideas like stickers candy ribbon tags anything else cute and valentines dayish don't spend over $10.
This will be open internationally and i will random draw partners.
Giveaway Portion whoever gets paired with me will get a surprise treat box filled with cookies and other assorted goodies.
Here's how to send me your address name and blog address so i can share with your partner.
Email me at
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment here and ill get back to you right away.
The deadline to sign up will be Jan 20Th and you have till Jan 30Th to send your swaps out.
Hopefully we can get allot of swappers for this one it should be fun.
Please note you can not enter the giveaway without joining the swap.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Cupcake Pan winner!!

Congrats our winner is Laura ill be sending you an email in a few to get your address then ill be sending it over to and they will ship it to you
thanks for all the entries!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Pastry+Burlesque = Beautiful Art

I stumbled across this lovely and unique artist on etsy she offers an amazing array of art prints mixing the burlesque type style with pastries and a little morbid style.
She's an Irish artist based in the UK.
Take a look at a few of my faves...
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