Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lingerie Tuesday

I'm feeling in the mood to do a post on lingerie today since it can't all be about cupcakes right? lol

Thank you victoria secret for taking my 2 favorite things lingerie and aprons and making it into one!

The corset above and below my favorite one ever!!! are from a corset designer Maya Hansen i would sell my sould for the bottom one to bad its a little bit over $500 maybe one day" sighhh"

This one is from agent provocateur

Monday, March 29, 2010

Best After hours spot in NYC

After what it seems to be never ending work weeks i went out tonight for drinks in the city with some friends went to a hookah bar and while wandering around trying to find someplace to go for food where we could still drink more i had a eureka moment.
Yaffe Cafe i loveeeee thise place its like a bunch of funky designs mated and had this place.
Its a little spot with awesome wall paper and weird and random designs eveywhere .
Cool waiters, good food, and mimosas at midnight!
I'm going to go pass out now i just wanted to post before i forgot my idea in the morning check it out if your in the city its fun.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This is why i hate monkeys

Do not read this if you can't stomache blood and gore i just warn you now lol
Since i can remember my mother has hated monkeys and i realized when i got a little i also hated monkey especially chimps they are the creepiest i actually prefer gorillas to chimps.
I will not go near the monkeys at the zoo ever i can just stand the little ones but the fact that they are so similar to humans its one of the creepiest part about them and the most dangerous.
You can blame humans that decide to keep them as pets for their attacking them because they are wild animals but the things these animals can do are beyond horrible .
Even in the wild though i was just watching i shouldn't be alive on the animal planet and these men went to a chimp reserve that day the electric fences went down and one got out this chimp bite this one mans hand clean off and went after them when they ran the chimp hunted them down and almost killed the one man till his friend saved him. The other man wasn't so lucky they found his body later with his jaw ripped off among other things.
The worst story i saw was the women on Oprah who's faced was ripped off by her friends pet chimp her friend had raised from a baby , you can read the story here .
But to sum it up this women went to feed her friends chimp and he had gotten lose she called her friend to tell her it got loose and she said she would come right over. By the time her friend got there the chimp had already attacked her and was ripped her apart the most horrible bone chilling part was on the 911 call when she just stops and says omg hes eating her the monkey was eating her flesh right off her and she was still alive. I think the worst part is how smart these animals are with the men in the reserve when they tried to fight back they fought like they were fending off an animal but they are smarter than that you have to fight them off like you would with a human who will anticipate your next move or your going to end up with a chunk of your leg gone or your hand missing. I hate monkeys of all sorts i really do i don't care how cute you think you are they aren't so cute ripping off your flesh . This is also coming from someone who likes snakes and spiders lol but i think most people expect the scarier animals to attack them most people don't think a monkey will .
End Rant lol

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Retail Therapy

Today i went shopping for me for once not just supplies or baking related items i decided after the 10 hour 6 days a week of work i normally do i needed to spoil myself i got these bras from the aerie store at the mall in purple and green my 2 favorite colors and some adorable 5 for $25 panties they aren't online yet

Then i hit up ulta for some cosmetics that were long over due in shopping i got great nail polish buy 2 get one free love the colors lol

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wedding Favor Giveaway Winner

We have a winner folks stephanie with the peacock favors these will be so fun to make congrats!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I want a puppy!!!!!

I'm a big animal lover id have a whole zoo if they let me sadly where i live now i can't have any pets boooo to that.

As soon as i get a house one day first thing I'm getting a little black kitten and a puppy!

My top pick is a great Dane I'm a big dog lover sorry little dogs lovers they are not for me lol.

Great Danes are called the big lap dog i just love them !

Then Siberian husky my grandma had one growing up his name was my first word i love those beautiful blue eyes .

Also weimaraner they are a little strange looking cause of their color but i just love them

The last one has a bad rep for being mean but they are big lovers any dog can be good if you train them right . Bull Mastiff

I also love dobermans and rottweilers lol

Okay so what kind of dog is your dream puppy???

Monday, March 22, 2010

One free sucker punch! Question of the day

My pick Elizabeth Hasselback i would knock her out that women annoys the crap out of me i don't wanna hear her view . Please replace her!!!

She never shuts up and shes even peppy when she argues ughhh i hate her lol.

Okay i have a question of the day if you got one for sucker punch for one celebrity who would it be?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beach Barn Baby Adorable cupcake baby basket

Id like to introduce you to an adorable shop who makes fantastic baby baskets.
Beach Barn on etsy makes such cute baby baskets perfect for shower gifts or just a gift for the mom to be .
Check out this adorable cupcake themed baby basket !

I know a mom to be who ill be happy to get this basket i got from the shop.

More about the shop :

The Beach Barn" has become my Handcrafted Baby Accessories & Custom Gift Baskets adventure. I currently handcraft baby blankets & accessories to make up custom gift baskets. I love to create baskets from any theme & or colors. Each basket is so unique! Finding the perfect fabric for each basket is so fun & special. Please keep me in mind should you have an upcoming baby shower or a new arrival!
: ) I would love nothing more than to create something special & unique for you. Gift baskets can be customized in any size. Big or Small, 2 items or 20, it's up to you. : ) The best way to reach me is at: The.BeachBarn [!at] yahoo.com
Ordering a Basket: http://thebeachbarn.blogspot.com/2010/03/ordering-baby-basket-is-easy-as123.html
Products & Pricing: http://thebeachbarn.blogspot.com/2009/07/products-pricing.html

Click here to go to the shop

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Burlesque Bedroom

Okay my dream bedroom would be the ultimate burlesque inspired room . I want something that screams sex and glamour and for my bedroom i want dark colors to relax me, here are some of my picks.

I looked for a really glam makeup table but this one was the best i could find but id want it in black.
Big tacky gold mirror i love it its a must

Velvet comforter in purple id put silk sheets under it ya i know I'm terrible.

Chandelier instead of the regular fan/light over head darker lighting

Purple damask wall paper on all the walls the kind with the velvet in it

Red velvet fainting couch perfect!

Ar moire id get this in black

A And the perfect sexy 4 post bed

Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview With Off With Her Head

I had the privilege of receiving one of the lovely Facsicnators from Off With Her Head for a review and i did a little interview with the lovely lady behind the amazing hats and fascinators

How did you decide the name of your shop any interesting back stories?
Off With Her Head came along by accident. Originally we were called Queen of Hearts. I've always been a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and the name originated from the character there. We'd had the web address www.offwithherhead.co.uk and at an event a couple of years ago the organisers had put us on the promo material under the website name and it kind of stuck with people. I think its quite a memorable name and really suits the business while still keeping my Alice theme alive!!

Why did you decide to open up a shop?
I had begun by making hats for myself. I made myself a beautiful Victorian Style Riding Hat to wear at the Whitby Gothic Weekend and people I met kept asking where they could get one for themselves. So I decided to take orders for them, and the business just grew from there. I've learned a lot more skills since then and really love making my hats and fasciantors for other people. So I decided to open the shop to allow more people to see my work! I really love the community spirit that Etsy embodies!

What kinda things can we find in your shop?
Anything you could wear on your head I suppose. I make vintage inspired pieces, hats and fascinators as well as hair accessories and sell vintage finds such as head scarfs and hats. I'm also branching out into some jewelry and bags using some of the skills I've developed through millinery. I've got a new Bridal Range that I'm designing at the moment which should be unveiled some time in April. I'm working on the Summer Range which will feature more pillboxes in bright and pastel shades and some fantastic little polka dot fascinators. I'm also keen to undertake custom work for clients. At the moment I'm working on a phoenix inspired headpiece for a customer. I also enjoy making costume replicas... I've just finished my own take on the Alice in Wonderland 'Madhatter' hat which is available now in our Etsy store!!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well... I'm a 32 year old Capricorn! I have a huge collection of hats both vintage and handmade. I live in a little coastal town in Fife, Scotland with my fiance Alan and our half Siamese cat Mowgli. we're expecting our first child (a little girl) in July 2010! And when I'm not making hats I have a 'real life job', I'm a nurse!

Do you like to travel where your favorite place youve ever been?
I LOVE to travel... Its so hard for my to choose my favourite place I've been to. I've been lucky enough to travel to Pittsburgh PA, Finand, Denmark and Paris, France to name a few of my favourites. But I think actually my favourite place is not too far from home... Glastonbury in Somerset. Its a very magical place, with lots of amazing memories for me and my fiance!

If you could have dinner with any 3 people dead or alive who would they be and why?
Fantastic question!! Well... I'd definitely have to include Marylin Monroe, she was an amazing style icon and I'd love to ask her exactly how she died! Then there would have to be Vivienne Westwood. I'm a huge fan of her designs! And finally... It'd be Dita Von Tease... she's just amazing!

You can also find her on etsy here .

I got this adorable cherry fascinator but of course my camera is dead so I'll have to post pics wearing it when it charges and stops raining outside

I love this hat don't you so beautiful!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Running Away

People always say you can't run away from your problems it never solves them it may be true for some cases but not always if i won the lottery id run away and move to another country far away from NJ lol I would however keep doing what I'm doing with my job i do love my job . I would never have imagined how far i would come with this if i had looked into the future a few years ago. I have my stressful days and all the mistakes and stress just make me learn and grow more. I'm so thankful for all my customers and all of you guys who read my blog and to get to do what i love for a living lol. In the next 2 weeks i will be swamped with orders then Easter a little break then 2 more weeks of orders then Vacation!!! I'm booking my trip to Ireland the end of next week the plan is to leave April 26th this vacation couldn't have come at a better time i need a vacation very badly . I haven't had a proper vacation in years so i have something to look forward to now

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cookies Cookies Cookies!!! New cookies and free shipping offer

Okay its time for the first of the Easter cookies! and some other ones Ive been making.
Here's the special offer the first comment on here will get 13 assorted Easter cookies for only $20 with free shipping so in total your saving $16 this is us only because of shipping charges(these will be shipped this weekend).
To avoid what happened last time if i don't hear back from the first commenter i will move onto the next comment so all comments leave your email address!
Second offer free us shipping till tomorrow night on all Easter cookie orders just specify in your comment you wanna place an order and leave your email address as well now onto the cookies!

And the non Easter cookies:

Okay i need to mention these stickers i had them custom made from a shop from etsy they are so cute! and she was such a big help i would recommend you go there for your sticker needs.
Click here for the link

Invader Zim Special Birthday Cookie Platter

Blog Party Giveaway Winner Update

Okay guys this is going to work a little differently then most of my giveaway I'm going to be emailing 3 of you that were randomly picked I'm going to ask you what your cookie ideas are for the favors then ill be picking one of you. You have 24 hours to reply or I'll email the next random picked entry so check your emails!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Etsy Weddings

Continuing on with wedding party weekend some items from etsy great for weddings!
(click the picture for link)

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