Friday, January 21, 2011

Creative Cupcake Displays

As much as i love cupcake towers I have recently seen some amazing creative ways to display cupcakes I put together some to show you. I have credited the ones i know where i found them so I'm sorry if some aren't credited .

Cupcake Candelabra this one was $60 online but i saw them for $30 at home goods.

This tree i found from alta mode bridal

Floral Cupcake Buffet at the Tower Club
This beautiful cupcake buffet idea which i love is from yummy piece of cake click to go to her flickr.


  1. cupcakes in gilded birdcages!! that's so clever and great, love it!!

  2. holy crap that ferris wheel is awesome! :)
    need to take advantage of that 10% off coupon soon!

  3. I love those ideas. I need to have a cupcake party soon. :)


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