Cupcakes and Crochet

This post is a little late after the fact but i thought id share my fun night. 2 weekends ago i got together with my 2 friends to do a belated Christmas presents exchange i stopped by the new Crumbs Bakery they put in NJ to try them and bring some along I've never tried them before.
I got 3 Samoa , a coffee toffee ,a chocolate pecan,and a vanilla coconut. I headed over there and they have recently learned to crochet so decided it was time to cross it off my list. After failing for 15 min i finally got the hang of it . After sitting around for hours crocheting we made tea and played scrabble i know i know how crazy of us ! lol we also had some herbal refreshment as well so it wasn't a complete grandma night but it was actually alot of fun and the cupcakes were AMAZING! Love the Samoa best. So now i need to learn another stitch so i can make more than just a scarf lol.


  1. If you got the hang of it in 15 minutes I'm impressed! Took me forever.


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