Valentines Cupcake Giveaway

Valentines Day cupcakes

Valentines Day is coming up soon perfect time for cupcakes!
This giveaway is only open to people who can pick them up since i haven't figured out a way to ship them safely so if you can come to bergen county NJ to come pick them up feel free to enter.
You will win a dozen cupcakes in your choice of flavor you will be sent a list after you win to choose from and you also get to custom design them!
To enter just leave a comment with what you would pick for your design and your email address .
Giveaway ends feb 5th!


  1. awww i put mine in a lil shipping box and then surround the box with shipping peanuts.. :) this would be a great birthday gift! lol but im in Arizona! good luck on the people applying!

  2. I Love the white with pink strips & maybe put little hearts on top!

  3. NJ is a rockin state! I would definately mix it up with a Rocker Chick Theme. Guitars. Leather and Lace. Music notes. Maybe even the Aerosmith Logo! Or a little record LP replica as the icing. Very cool. Redvelvet with black icing? Rock on...


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