Valentines Day Decor Giveaway

This giveaway is open to everyone!
Up for grabs a Valentines cupcake table cloth and Valentines cupcake dishtowel set.
Such a cute way to decorate your Kitchen for Valentines Day.
To enter leave a comment telling me about your best or worst Valentines Day and please leave you email so i can contact you.
For another entry blog or tweet about it and leave a seperate comment .
Giveaway ends Feb 5th


  1. Hello Love the blog doll.
    My name is Rhonda
    My blog( is private but would love for you to check it out send me your email addy

    My best Valentines Day:

    about 8 years ago. a man had a huge crush on me and waited 4 years to try and date me the day i became single he was their with flowers ect.. the white night in shiny armor. I finally gave in and started to date him. He was my very own real life Prince Charming!! On Valentines day he made it extra special.. because its also my Birthday!

    i had received roses and chocolates, jewelry and dinner.. but he also hand made me chocolate covered strawberries.. ran a hot bubble bath candles every where it was actually hot from how many he had lit.. lol i was placed in a hot bubble bath and fed champagne and strawberry's followed by a full body massage... and well the rest is left for imagination... we are not together any more.. he is single and so am i. but as long as i remain single he still comes by and says hello.. this year i already got a package of ghirardelli dark chocolate starberry filled chocolates..but id rather be married to I would love to win this gift!!! single and lonely.. lol xoxo Rhonda

  2. Hello! such a nice giveaway. I would have to say one of my best Valentines day was. my hubby and kids and I had planned a nice steak dinner,adults were going to have a drink or 2..while I was in town gathering some things my twin daughters and son decorated the whole dining area with lovely red things.It was super special because the kids had as much fun as we did and dinner was fantastic!!Thank you for the chance to win,Amy. mousecat8(@)yahoo(.)com

  3. How cute! I'd love to win!

    My fiance knows Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday so he's always making it really special for me. A couple years ago he took me on a sunset catermeran sail. We had such a great time!

  4. My best valentines day was when my husband proposed to me. He in my lunch box for work he left me a little note to come and find him somewhere in our house but I had to follow the clues.

    When I got home that evening my first clue was attached a single red rose in the just behind the front door. Then I had a treasure trail of different clues each with a single red rose. When I eventually found him he was down on one knee in a tuxedo with the ring in a beautiful box and then he asked me to marry him.

    I cried and said yes and this year we will have been married for 2 years.

  5. My best Valentine's Day was now husband and mine's first together. I woke up to teddy's, flowers, and balloons in my bedroom!


  6. My best Valentines Day was last year. My husband made me brownies for breakfast. :) He had to make up for the year before, my worst Valentines Day, when he got me an exercise bike.
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  7. I tweeted. Thank you!
    kirbycolby at gmail dot com

  8. My best Valentine's Day was about 4 yrs ago when we had our 1st child - we decided to put the baby down early and we lit some candles, played some soft music and made our romantic dinner together - just enjoying each other. We have done this for the 4 yrs and now enjoy it with our kiddos!! They make it that much more special!!!

    Come visit me at or email me at

  9. My best Valentine's Day was a few years ago, my partner won a big hamper full of chocolates and champagne and gave me a card that he'd accidentally sat on! :D That memory still makes me smile.

    I tweeted about it too:

    Kate1485 at

  10. My worst Valentine's Day was back in 1993, when my Dad, whose birthday is also on Feb 14th, had a heart attack that same day. At the hospital they said it was his 3rd heart attack, he just didn't realize it the first 2 times, and the third one was a really severe one. But he survived after 3 weeks in ICU and sometimes being more dead than alive. Rehab took over a year (he had surgery at his open heart twice etc.), but he lives, he is happy and from that year on we have two good reasons to celebrate his birthday on Feb. 14th ;o).

    Thanks for the cute giveaway, love the towel!!!

  11. My Worst Valentine's Day was 11 years ago... My boyfriend came over, gave me a card he didn't even bother to sign & said he had to go by his brothers house because his brother was sick. When I offered to go with him he wouldn't let me go. Two days later (on my birthday) I found out he was cheating on me!

  12. My best Valentine's Day was 7 year ago when I got married to my husband. We choose this day because is full of romance. Your blog is amazing! Thank you!

  13. OOOH fun! My favorite Valentine's Day is when my hubby and I first started dating. You think it would be awkward because we had been dating less than a month...but it wasn't! We got engaged less than a month after that. What can I say- we worked fast! lol! He had one dozen roses sent to my kindergarten class where I taught and took me out for fancy dancy seafood dinner on the water in Seattle! *sigh* he's the greatest!

    mammaliciousmamma at yahoo dot com

  14. The best valentines day was when my boyfriend painted me huge mural in my favorite art style and surprised me with it! :)

  15. What a sweet valentines Treat!

    My best valentines day was 5 years ago - I had just gotten engaged to my now-husband, and he gave me hot air balloon ride tickets for Valentines and told me how he really planned to propose! When we took the hot air balloon ride later that year it was still magical!

    I have great valentines days every year now that i found my TRUE LOVE Prince Charming!

    I hope everyone else finds theirs someday!

    killercancer at hotmail dot com

  16. My worst Valentine's Day was the day I broke up with my now hubby!! lol.. I told him I never wanted to see him again and to get lost.. I didn't see him for a few years and now here we are.. happily married!! :P During those years I dated a lot of jerks.. and a lot of bad things happened to me.. if I could have just changed that one day.. it would've been great!

    At least I have him now I guess! :)


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