New Favorite Actress

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Anybody that knows me well knows i love creepy and weird movies , I kept seeing the trailer for the movie Sucker Punch. This girl Emily Browning is so strikingly pretty like a doll, i knew she looked familiar to i went right to IMDb to find out where from. She was in ghost ship as a little girl and the uninvited also a creepy thriller. She looks like a pretty doll i love her she is by far my new fav and i will be looking for her in more movies, I love that she is doing all these crazy and weird movies thats my kinda girl! lol


  1. Omg she was the girl in Ghost Ship? I LOVE that movie. I saw a preview for this and although I am not quite sure what it was about, I thought it look awesome, and yes she was beautiful!

  2. Well, I liked Ghost Ship too and love the previews to this new movie. I am however waiting for it to be on DVD. Always better to watch movies on the sofa with cats and dogs!!


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