Roses are Red

This week has been roses week lol
Monday for Valentines i got a dozen long stem red roses from my boyfriend I'm still excited about them lol. I used my tip i saw on martha about cutting the stems and changing the water to make them last longer and I will be drying them as well I'm such a girl sometimes lol.
I also had an order to make rose cookie favors , I could not find an open rose cookie cutter so i used my square cookie cutter and a rose stencil and then hand decorated all the details . I love the way they came out sorry for the bad lighting in the picture.


  1. New follower from swap-bot. I love your colorful blog! Feel free to visit and follow me anytime at Back Porchervations.

  2. omg those cookies are amazing!!! following you from swapbot!

  3. You know I love all your cookies, Amanda! I'm glad you bf is the romantic kind:)

    Rossi - provadia from SB

  4. Thanks for "following me" [blackbird 4 sb].Your blog is very impressive I love the roses background MARY PATRICIA

  5. Love your blog background! and those beautiful roses.....Following from Swap-Bot..(Airamty)


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