Blog Desinger Needed!

Hellow all! I'm looking for someone help me redesign my blog so i have a header on the top to direct my followers to different sections I'm not so great with the whole computer design aspect.
I don't have alot of money to spend but i can send you a box of custom decorated cookies as a thank you if anyone can help and is interested leave me a comment with your email address.
Thanks so much!


  1. There is someone called The Blog Fairy who did my blog. You'll have to google her or there may be a link on my page. I can't remember. lol

  2. Maybe check with Maddame Samm from sewcalgal.blogspot. she does alot of quilting blogs.

  3. I did my own blog, but I'm horrible at explaining it. I googled how to do tips & tricks on blogger & such for what I was looking to do & was able to accomplish it: if you want to take a look.

  4. If you need help, I could try my hand at helping you! I did my blog all by myself and I like tinkering around with photoshop!

    ( your awesome letter!)

  5. you should talk to my sister over at she just started up a company just for people like you. it's called black market media. not 100% if that site is up yet, but for sure contact her at the address above. she helped me with one of my sites and i just love it!!!

  6. Is this what you mean:

    Basically, each of your tags (labels) can have its own page, either at the top of your blog or in a margin.

    To make a navigation bar at the top of your page, see this tutorial:


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