Lace Wedding Dresses

I loveee lace wedding dresses although Ive seen plenty of pretty ones that are not I myself would love to wear a lace one. Ironically both my mother and her mother both wore lace dresses.
Below is my mom and grandma my scanner is not working so i had to take pics of the pics lol

The dress i want and am in love with it kinda reminds me of a modern version its by Melissa sweet below .

Here are some other fav lace dresses...

This dress is a pnina

I can't find who makes this dress but i love it!


  1. Hi, I'm stopping by from Sometimes Sweet and this post totally made me think about when I was shopping for my wedding dress and fell in love with one I absolutely could *NOT* afford! You should check out they make the most incredible lace dresses. Seriously, they're works of art!

  2. OMG SO CUTE! your granparents old photo and photo above are adorable! And your mom looks GREAT in her wedding photo! Thanks for sharing! I know you'll be a stunning bride!


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