Roads Less Traveled

I was asked by Erin from My Beautiful Disaster to do a story for her new series called Folklore Friday about the weird and creepy stories and places. I was so excited to be part of it Yesterday.
I did a post on a road called Clinton Road in West Milford NJ where i went to high school.
They even had this road on the travel channel creepiest roads in America or something like that lol . The link above will take you to her blog and the post go check it out if you love creepy things like me lol!


  1. Your story was pretty awesome! If you have any more up your sleeve, let me know :)

  2. Hey! I absolutely loooove creepy/spooky things...I think I remember watching that episode on travel channel you mentioned too! Great story! ;)

  3. your page really is fancy..and pretty!! following!..follow back if you like mine? i just started so i'd really appreciate it :-)
    xoxo from NY!




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