Successful Macaroons .. sorta

So i had promised my boyfriend macaroons for Valentines Day but i didn't have enough time to make them so he just got cookies and his gifts. I finally set aside the time this week and made them. Let me just tell you Ive made them twice before but i couldn't get them off the paper they just kept breaking. I used the easiest recipe i could find to make them and went and bought some extra special expensive chocolate cause i like to spoil him.
They didn't come out perfect but they didn't break so i call it a semi success!
Here are some pictures i took

I used milk chocolate for the ganache instead of semi sweet cause lets face it its more yummy.
For all those macaroon makers out there i commend you for doing this all the time its hard work to make these . Dear Laduree please open up a location in NYC so i can visit all the time lol


  1. These look sooo good. I love macaroons! (Is it one O or two O's? I see so many ways to spell it :/ )

  2. the first time i had them in london my travel guide spelled them with one O but i went to the laduree website and they spell it with 2 so im guessing 2 is the way to go i went back and changed it lol

  3. YAY! Fabulous!
    Mere aesthetics complication! :)

    Were they good?!

    The single or triple 'o' thing is impossible to figure out-Laduree has 2, Pierre herme has 1...I just went along with Pierre since I worship him on a few levels. :)


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