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Today were featuring Sweeter than Sweets on etsy , Tricia has this fantastic shop on etsy selling cute headband and hair pins to cute stuff for baby to! So there is something for mommy and baby. I got this fantastic teal headband from her shop i love anything with bows! I love this headband I'm going to wear it out this weekend for my day trip on Saturday.

Go check out her shop and take a look at all her fantastic items in her shop she has some great hair accessories and cute baby stuff for the little ones!

Now we have an interview with Tricia take a peak!

1. Tell us a little about yourself? I have been married for 9 ½ years to an amazing man and we have a beautiful and talkative 2-year-old daughter together. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with her full time. She was born 3 weeks after I got my Master’s degree in Psychology, so one day I’ll go back to school to finish up my education and eventually work as a School Psychologist. We call California “home” though we currently live in North Carolina. We like it here, too. =)

2. How did you get into making and selling on “etsy? As a mom of an infant, I needed to have one tangible thing to show for my day! I started creating things when I was in 13 years old and to this day, I love to find new ways to express myself creatively. My finished products always reflect a part of me. I opened SweeterThanSweets last summer after spending $7 on one tiny hair clip for my daughter! Of course, it was adorable, but I realized the need for adorable AND affordable hair clips, so I began to make them myself.

3. Is this your full time or part time job? Being a mom is my full time job and my paychecks come in the form of hugs and kisses! SweeterThanSweets is my part time job that I get to do during my daughter’s naps and after her bedtime. I absolutely love making something that someone else falls in love with, too!

4. Do you have any hobbies or any other favorite activities? My favorite things to do other than making things for my shop are my other creative outlets: cooking, baking, photography and traveling. I love creating yummy things to eat, building beautiful pictures, and making new memories with my family!

5. Where did you come up with the name for your shop? I have a sweet tooth! I’ve called my husband My Sweets since we started dating 12 years ago so the name evolved from there. I call my daughter Little Sweets on my blog but not in real life. =)

6. If you could have dinner with any 3 people living or dead who would it be and why? I’m not going to say Jesus, because one day I will get to have dinner with Him! The 3 would be my husband (because he is my favorite person in the world), my Grandpa H. (because he never got to meet my husband) and one of my ancestors from the 1700s. I would love to find out what life was like in the 1700s and it would be so interesting to hear more about where my family has come from! What a great dinner party that would be! 7 April 2011 4:01pm EDT


  1. Love those headbands! Kori xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for featuring me! I want to see a picture of you wearing the headband this weekend! =)

    How Sweeter It Is


  3. Beautiful things! What a neat shop.


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