Anna Sui Circus

This was actually last years collection but it was just to fabulous to not share now here are some of my favorites from the Circus collection ...

Anna Sui is is one of my favorites i had the most fabulous pair of gloves by her i can't find and i can't find a picture online either boo lol


  1. You are absolutely correct. I was obsessed with her collection this year. And Betsey Johnson's of course just cause its ridiculous and fun.

  2. The colours are just so beautiful! She really is very talented.
    Here is an award for you on my blog X

  3. Adoring this collection, thanks for posting the pics. I really love the plaid, and might think about making some plaid fascinators this summer!

    Please pop by my blog Of Millinery & Motherhood... I'll pop up some pics when I get a design done!

    Lisa xxx
    (Off With Her Head -you featured my website last year!)

  4. Loving this collection, especially the blue plaid... might have to try making some summer fascinators inspired by this!

    I have a new blog now... Of Millinery & Motherhood, please pop by and have a look!
    I posted a link to the interview you did with me last year and just realised how much has changed since then... I'm married and had a little girl!

    Lisa xxx
    (Off With Her Head)


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