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I'm sitting here planning a post on Nantucket weddings and it hit me i never did a post on my trip to Nantucket last year so here it is lol.

Last spring during the off season i took my first ever trip to Nantucket . I decided to take the cheaper ferry over which was 2 hours long bad idea next time I'm shelling out the money for the faster one it gave me a headache lol. When i got there it was raining windy and cold this is what happens when you go on the off season being on the water makes it extra cold and windy lol.

Below is the Jared Coffin Inn and the inside.

The Jared Coffin House

Jared Coffin House

Thankfully the second day was sunny but still cold and i went exploring. I have to say everyone was so nice everywhere i went i had conversations with the shop people and it was that genuine nice not the phony kind . It was so refreshing to meet such sweet people .

Flowers on Chesnut

I wandered into Flowers on Chestnut

It was the prettiest flower shop Ive ever been in I should have bought myself some flowers lol . My Nantucket wedding post I will be doing is featuring their flowers.

more beach

Main Street

The town is amazing cute shops cobblestone streets what more could you ask for . Aside from the cold weather it was nice to be there on the off season because the town was pretty dead which meant quiet i could just enjoy everything. I wandered into the tourist house place and talked to the sweetest old man working there who looked happy to see anyone I'm sure he was bored lol . I also may or may not have picked up Nantucket wedding books in there lol okay it was may . Nantucket is my second favorite place in the world my first being London . I am aching to go back again soon , I'm trying to convince Matt to take me or my best friend to come with me . If i had the money id love to get a house there and open up a cupcake shop that would be perfect there. I will stop rambling for now keep a lookout for the wedding post soon!


  1. Looks gorgeous! I have ALWAYS wanted to visit there - maybe someday :)

  2. ooh, what a gorgeous place. I absolutely love the cobblestone streets and the shops sound delightful. Hope you're having a fabulous week. xx veronika

  3. Wow such a beautiful setting. I've only been to New England once and unfortunately Nantucket wasn't on the agenda :( I'd like to visit one day thopugh!


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