Happy Fathers Day

First off I'm just warning you this post is a little personal so if you don't care leave now lol. I want to wish a Happy Fathers Day to all the good dads out there the ones that sometimes may not get appreciated . If you have a good father or grandfather or husband make sure you let them know how great they are every now and then. I am saying this because i do not have one of those dads and sometimes we take for granted things because we don't know it any other way. Although technically my dad never ran out on us and i still talk to him sometimes he found out a few years when i was about 7 or so that it would be more fun to run around with women and hang out with his friends then it is to be a dad and be around. He is a pathological liar who only wants to be a dad when its convient . My mother however did a great job so i had at least one good parent , it broke her heart that i ended up with a crappy dad because she was one of the lucky ones who had an amazing father I'm just sad i didn't get to spend more time with him before he passed away. For years it would break my heart to see little girls and their fathers in movies and in real life always wishing i had that. I learned to try and just let it go and realize that will never happen for me but i have to admit it still hurts a little .

So I wanna say Happy Fathers Day to my mom lol and remind you if you have a good Dad go hug him and be thankful for him .

P.s I'm not writing this to make anyone feel bad for me I know there are worse fathers out there I just want you to appreciate the good one you may have .


  1. Thank you for sharing! We all have personal parts of our lives that are different. No one has a "normal" life in my mind because "normal" means not normal in my mind. Does that even make sense? I'm babbling. Not enough coffee on a Monday morning.

  2. From another girl who has lived the exact same thing, I appreciate this alot! Beautiful post.


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