Craft Show... Fail

Last weekend was my first craft fair i was able to sell at, so me and my best friend rented a hotel room and drove down to long beach island the day before. The first day we got there was fun we ate at this good placed called Tiffany's and then had a girls night in the hotel room.

We woke up super early to get there and set up and of course hit a huge traffic jam we got there second to last to set up but it was okay because everyone said it was still slow. I was between two other girls close to my age that we chatted to throughout the day. Then we found out there was a huge craft fair going on across town and it was also 120 degrees out on this day. So after being there all day i sold only $36 worth of cookies and i had brought $400 worth of cookies. Thankfully i have some good friends who have been pawning off my left over cookies to anyone who will look their way so hopefully i can at least make enough to cover what i spent making these . Hopefully i can get into a farmers market or larger craft fair in the future and do well there.

I'm not sure what this place was we passed but it was so beautiful i had to take a picture while we were driving lol

This was the table setup i had going on.


  1. zero calorie jones?! that's amazing!!!

  2. Your tables look amazing, and the pictures make my mouth water for more cookies!

  3. Those all look so delicious! My last craft show went about the same. Very disappointing. Had I been closer, I would have taken quite a few of those cookies off your hands!

  4. YUM! I want some cookies right about now! I'm glad you at least sold some cookies, they look delish!

  5. I am sorry you didn't sell more. I hope the next one is better

  6. I'm sorry to hear that your first show was a bit of a flop but the good news is it can only get better right? I don't have the guts to even do a show it makes me way to nervous even though I went to shows with my parents most of my life. The good news is you took a big step doing your first show and you should be proud of that. I wish you only the best next show with lots of exposure to your delicious cookies and many sales.
    Hope your having a great week and have some super fun mini adventures planned for this weekend.
    Much Love,

  7. I like everything. Great post.
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