Feature Friday: Want to be Featured?

I would love to continue my feature Friday series here on my blog and since Ive been really busy lately i thought i would open it up here for anyone that would like to be featured . You don't just have to own a shop , you can also have a blog you think my readers would enjoy or want to share a diy craft or tutorial id love to have you !

If anyone is interested in taking part leave me a comment with your email address, shop website or blog website and I will get back to you .

Next Friday I'll be featuring a blog called Beck in the City and this weekend ill be posting a yummy chocolate chip muffin recipe!

Have a great weekend


  1. I'm really trying to build both my blog, and my shop up! I've done a lot of reviews, but none on myself! 13plumknittedcreations.etsy.com

  2. I love your blog! and it would be amazing to be featured!
    I just tarted up my blog, a week ago, but it's doing just fine, and I have high hopes for ths new baby of mine:


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