Laduree Open In NYC!!!

Just 3 weeks before my birthday they opened up the first US Laduree shop and in New York City it was the perfect birthday gift. The day after my birthday i made plans with my best friend to head over and check it out I was so excited! We drove in so finding parking was insane and when we finally got there after walking 8 or so blocks i couldn't wait to go in. There was a little bit of a line but i was slightly disappointed it was so small inside. I had been to the one in London that was how it found Laduree to begin with theirs is huge and has places to sit . I was also disappointed that they didn't have all the fun stamps and stationary type stuff i saw online and was planning on buying lol. I bought a box of 35 Macarons since i wanted to share so everyone could try some it was quite pricey and i paid extra for the prettier box but it was soo worth the price their macarons are unlike any other in the world. I have tried a lots of places in the US although some were good none have yet to compare to these little pieces of heaven lol.

They come in such pretty colors but of course the 4 flavors i wanted (vanilla,coconut,salted caramel,and praline) were the boring colored ones oh well lol.

I'm hoping once they are their longer they will either open a bigger store or add more fun stuff that i wanted to buy but either way If you are even remotely close to the area you must go and try some of these ! ps sorry i forgot to snap pics inside i was so ingrossed in picking out flavors it slipped my mind lol.


  1. AWESOME! I'm so glad you got to grab some of your FAVORITE Macaroons! YUM!


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