Florida Trip Part 1 Naples Zoo

So two weeks back i went to Florida for 2 weeks we stayed in Marco Island , of course it rained for half the time we were there so it was a pretty boring trip . One of the last days we were there it was nice out but not nice enough for the pool so we got to do the one thing i actually wanted to do which was go to the Naples zoo. Its not a really big zoo but they have alot of big cats which is my favorite part of the zoo so i enjoyed it . Here are some of the pics i took ..

This tiger saw me and came right up to the cage it was incredible being that close to one he was so beautiful ,but it was a little scary to lol

Look at that mouth he was yawning ,great time to snap a pic.

This alligator was a fatty he was huge! and didn't move much at all lol

This was another pair of lions and the were cuddling i thought that was so cute

I had to get a picture of this tree it was so fun

The patterns of the giraffes were so pretty in person i never realized that before

These two guys were my favorite the leopards i love the black one but he was sleeping the whole time.


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