Thanksgiving at Mohunk Mountain House

I know I'm a few days late on this post but i wanted to share lol. Most holidays are spent with my mom ,there are really only a few relatives i have that i can stand and i try to avoid spending any holidays with my father lol. The past 2 years in a row me and my mom made reservations someplace then after sitting around all day waiting to go out we got lazy ,canceled and ordered pizza .

This year i wanted to do something different so after watching an episode of No Reservations on the travel channel and seeing this beautiful old hotel on top of a mountain i was sold!

I found out they did a dinner for thanksgiving so we made reservations. Its in Hudson county NY so it was about an hour and a half trek but it was well worth it . I really love this place it was so beautiful and you have to drive up a mountain to get there.

As for the food it was pretty good but i was super disappointed in their terrible desserts . I think this might become a tradition from now on ,check out the pics below and you can check out their website for some better shots .


  1. Looks like a beautiful time!! Grace xoox

  2. Seriously so pretty! So glad I discovered your blog.


    Luis (my blog!)


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